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Since creating the first Tier 2 Solution for Supplier Diversity, we've constantly been improving our Tier 2 solution based on our client goals.   We help you not only build a program, but how to optimize the program to meet your reporting goals.  And our reporting tools make it easy to export graphical data and show how your program is benefiting the entire organization. 

There’s no easier way to strengthen your program than by requesting your prime suppliers to report their diverse spend. By incorporating a flexible web-based, client-configured portal, you can begin to immediately track 2nd Tier spend rapidly and easily. 

Tier 2 Reporting


Increase Your Tier 2 Diverse Spend

The portal allows you to track direct and indirect spend with indirect allocation automatically calculated. In addition, contract level and business unit reporting can be added for additional levels of spend tracking visibility.


Automate the Process

CVM’s Tier 2 Reporting technology takes many of the manual, time consuming tasks of sending reminders to report and can automate all supplier notifications through the system with a simple configuration. The portal also compiles data for easy reporting and can be configured to meet your company’s reporting requirements.


Report Accurate Tier 2 Spend with Confidence

Verify supplier certification status your primes report against CVM's Master Database, embedded within the platform, to keep your Tier 2 spend reports accurate and up-to-date.


Tier 2 Program Management

If you’re ready to grow your Tier 2 program but find you have limited time and resources, CVM offers Tier 2 program management services, seen in the above tab.

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CVM pioneered the first ever Tier 2 Program Management service over a decade ago and now manages over 40 Tier 2 programs, including many members of the Billion Dollar Roundtable. Learn why. 

Tier 2 Program Management


Establish Tier 2 Goals, Metrics and Benchmarking

Establishing a Tier 2 Supplier Diversity program is fundamental to advancing and maturing your Supplier Diversity program. Our experienced staff will consult with your team to establish a plan and formal policy for your Tier 2 Program as well as provide benchmarking insight to establish attainable and realistic goals.


Evaluate, Onboard and Train Suppliers

Once your program goals are clearly defined, the CVM staff will assist with the identification of strategic suppliers to participate in your Tier 2 program. You’ll be assigned a Tier 2 Program Manager who will utilize best practices to manage the day-to-day operations of the program. To initiate the process, we’ll manage the initial communications campaign to your primes and provide the necessary training required to begin reporting their diverse spend.


Reporting Assistance, Ongoing Communication, Training and Spend Validation

As your program progresses, CVM’s Tier 2 team will continue to work with your prime suppliers as well as train new key contacts and new prime suppliers added to your program. Your Tier 2 Program Manager will conduct any needed follow-up to non-responsive prime suppliers. We’ll validate reported diverse spend as well as diversity status and certification, providing you with confidence in your spend reports and diversity verification.


Efficiently Complete Tier 2 Reporting

Based on your program requirements, CVM will provide your organization with quarterly and annual reports detailing your Tier 2 spend. Each report is provided with supplier contact information, communication notes, statistics, charts and meeting status notes.

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