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Supplier Diversity Data Enrichment

Improve your Supplier Data quality with CVM's Data Enrichment and Insight Solutions


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This Is What We Do

CVM Data transforms supplier information into supplier intelligence -- empowering your organization to make confident procurement decisions.

Through both of our Data Enrichment Solutions, supplier data is cleansed and referenced against CVM's Master Database -- providing supplier information standardization as well as completion of missing data. Additionally, CVM's intuitive Tier 1 Analysis provides an all-inclusive solution for gaining powerful data insight.

Establishing a diverse spend baseline.  Identifying supplier certifications & classifications. Monitoring supplier activity.  Whatever your goals are to be successful, CVM's Diversity Data Enrichment is you single solution.

Diversity Data Enrichment

Diverse Spend Baseline

Establish a Baseline of Your Diverse Spend and Diversify Your Supply Base

CVM Diversity Data Enrichment service provides a detailed report of your current utilization of diverse suppliers within your existing supply base, providing visibility into ownership and minority type. Additionally, the report identifies your top suppliers by spend – enabling you to reduce supplier dependency by diversifying your supply base.

Diverse Certifications

Identify Diverse Certifications and Classifications

CVM's Master Database reflects over Millions of small and diverse supplier records, with aggregated data from over 350 third party certification sources. The results of your diversity enrichment service will provide record counts and spend by diversity category as well as by certifying and classifying agencies with applicable certification expiration dates and certificate numbers.

Diverse Goals

Develop Realistic Goals and KPIs, then Measure Your Success

CVM’s Diversity Data Enrichment services enable you to make actionable decisions and measure against it. Easily track the growth of your supplier diversity program and the increase of your organization’s diverse utilization through regular supplier data enrichment projects.

Supplier Activity

Monitor Supplier Activity

Supplier data is constantly changing. Reduce supplier risk and maintain the integrity of your diverse spend by actively monitoring merger and acquisition activity, ownership changes and updates to certification or classification status.

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Enterprise Data Enrichment cleanses and standardizes all of your supplier data - helping you eliminate duplicates, assess corporate hierarchy, and more.

Enterprise Data Enrichment

Supplier Standardization

Supplier Standardization

Your supplier input file is cleansed and standardized against CVM’s Master Database – providing company name standardization, address standardization to USPS format and the completion of missing data such as contact information, telephone numbers, Tax IDs, revenue, employees, etc.

Ownership Info

Ownership Information and Parent-Child Corporate Hierarchy

The Enterprise Data Enrichment service can help identify information such as M&A activity and joint ventures, as well as parent-child family linkages. You’ll gain visibility into supplier dependencies to leverage vendor spend and make more informed decisions about your supplier relationships.

Identify Duplicates

Identify Duplicates and Vendor Consolidation

Eliminate rework, wasted time and resources by identifying duplicate suppliers and consolidating vendor information. CVM identifies duplicates by assigning a unique vendor identification number for matched records. By appending the information to your file, rather than changing the data, you’re empowered to make the final decision.

Commodity Assignment

Commodity Assignment

Supplier classification codes including SIC and NAICS codes enable you to search, track, and report on suppliers based on standard categories. Identify your top 10 categories ranked by spend, record count or geographic region.

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CVM's Tier 1 Spend Analysis is a powerful, intuitive, easy-to-use diversity spend analytics solution giving you a quick and accurate one stop shop to gain insight into your data.

Tier 1 Data Analysis

Ad-hoc Reporting

Flexible Ad-hoc Reporting

A cost effective solution that enables you to easily slice and dice your supplier data to create customized reports, for comprehensive spend reporting by business units, commodities, government reporting and external customer reporting requirements.

Hierarchy Tracking

Multi-Level Hierarchy Tracking

Filter through various levels of granularity to analyze spend across multiple dimensions based on diversity category, internal hierarchy by business unit or cost center, spend period and other attributes to measure success and growth.

Evaluate Growth

Evaluate Growth and Measure Against Your Goals

Analyzing results quarter over quarter or year over year provides you a more granular view to the spend trends by supplier, vertical, certification and other views.

Spend Reporting

The Most Accurate Spend Reporting

Combined with CVM’s Data Enrichment service, you will be able to generate the most up-to-date diverse spend reports and measure your program success on a real-time basis.

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