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Shaping Our Future



    Like small and diverse businesses, we want to be an engine for change. Often, we are asked where we see supplier diversity heading. Our outlook is very positive - but we could be considered bias.


    So, instead of only providing our assumptions of the future of our industry, we asked hundreds of professionals the simple question:


    Where do you see supplier diversity heading in the next 3-5 years?


    We hope the responses reinforce the reasons you became involved in supplier diversity, and inspire fresh ideas to bring our community to new heights.


    Inspire the current and future generation of supplier diversity leaders by telling the world where you think the industry is heading.


    Give us your take by using the form to the right. Be as descriptive as you'd like. The best quotes will get a front row seat to be seen by the entire industry.

    Some tips to help with your quote:


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    • Keep in mind when submitting your quote: Where do I see supplier diversity heading in the next 3-5 years?
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    • Make your statement about the industry as a whole rather than your specific company
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    • Try to describe your outlook on the future in detail. Instead of "I see the industry growing" describe specific reasons or outcomes of those reasons in your quote.
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    • Have fun with it! These quotes are meant to be inspiring and help shape supplier diversity into what we want.