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Case study: Oracle


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Led by CEOs Mark Hurd and Safra Catz, Oracle has committed to a vision for procurement that includes working with a wide range of businesses, recognized through the Oracle Supplier Diversity team. Oracle’s US supplier diversity program was created in order to develop and expand relationships with small and diverse businesses. The program offers training and mentorship opportunities both for the qualification process as well as for relationship building and industry success. Originally developed as a compliance program, Oracle wanted to expand and advance supplier diversity in conjunction with corporate objectives.

When Nino Campos accepted the position of Supplier Diversity Manager in 2010, he was the sole team member of an entirely manual program. Each quarter, more than 4,000 records had to be verified by calling suppliers individually, leaving no time to grow the program itself. The data that Campos had to work with was less than 50 percent accurate, which undermined reporting and prevented growth.

Exhausted and overwhelmed, Campos knew something had to change.

“After making hundreds of phone calls, I was ready to submit my resignation. I'd lost my passion,” Campos said. “Then I called a minority- and veteran-owned business. The owner told me that becoming a vendor for Oracle helped him save his house, his marriage, and his children's educational futures. I realized then that I was in the right place doing the right thing, but that I needed a better way to do it.”


Campos began the search for a solution by contacting Oracle's 150 verified customers and asking how they manage their supplier diversity programs. Data enrichment through a third party was the overwhelming response, and CVM Solutions was recommended by several supplier diversity professionals.

“When I met with CVM, I was so impressed with their interaction and attention to detail,” Campos said. “They realized exactly what I needed, what my pain points were, and identified how they could help me immediately.”

Other companies offered some of the solutions that Oracle needed, but not all.

In CVM, Campos found a robust database, quality customer service, and the opportunity to develop new products and services based on Oracle's needs.

“At the time, there was better pricing out there than CVM Solutions offered,” Campos said, “but sometimes the more you spend, the better the product. In this case, spending a little more money gave us everything we needed—the right product and the right service.”

Oracle started by using CVM's data enrichment and supplier locator services, both backed by the CVM Master Database, which draws information from more than 350 verified, regularly updated sources. Access to this database took substantial work off of Campos's plate, letting him use his skills and passion for supplier diversity to build the program rather than slog through data.

Additionally, Campos also created a customized registration supplier portal on CVM's platform. The portal serves to prequalify potential Oracle suppliers and automate reporting from current suppliers, again saving time and money.

Now that its Tier 1 program is well-established, Oracle is expanding its Tier 2 program. By collaborating with CVM, they have begun to develop a program that automatically collects data from Tier 2 vendors, eliminating countless hours of emailing vendors. The program also has variance checks in place to prevent any errors when a supplier submits their spend, furthering improving accuracy.

Oracle is saving time and money with CVM's data enrichment and supplier locator tools. As the supplier diversity program grows, Campos plans to grow Oracle's partnership with CVM as well.

“It's taken a lot of hard work to get to this point, but CVM made all the difference,” Campos said. “Within the next year, Oracle will be using 100 percent of the products and services CVM has available.”


Immediately after partnering with CVM and beginning to use automated processes like data enrichment, Campos reclaimed hours in his daily schedule. CVM's data enrichment eliminated the months-long process of manually verifying supplier data, freeing Campos from the seemingly endless task.

“CVM gave me so much time back,” Campos said. “I would barely finish the process of verifying data before the quarter would end and I would have to start over. It was so frustrating. Now we automate the process of data enrichment with CVM, saving hundreds of hours and freeing my time to grow the program.”

After cleansing and enriching its supplier data against CVM's Master Database, the accuracy of Oracle's data increased from less than 50 percent to more than 90 percent. Confident in the integrity of the supplier data, Campos is able to generate reports that allow Oracle to set benchmarks and meaningful goals that drive the program's growth.

“We use the charts and graphs generated from CVM's platform to see where [we are] at and where we want to go,” Campos said. “When stakeholders hear that CVM is enriching our data, everyone is assured of its integrity, and I can report with confidence.”

The visibility of Oracle's supplier diversity program has increased dramatically both internally and externally. Campos gained executive buy-in, thanks to detailed reporting and more face time, and he launched an internal campaign introducing supplier diversity to everyone in the organization.

“I created a best practice video campaign to build awareness and support for supplier diversity within Oracle,” he said. “Now procurement managers are thinking about how to include diverse businesses into the supply chain. With the Supplier Locator tool, we can locate potential suppliers within minutes and reach out to them with opportunities.”

Campos has also begun speaking about Oracle's supplier diversity program at major events, such as the Women's Business Enterprise National Council's annual conference. Supported by the tools provided by CVM Solutions, and the time to devote to creative solutions, he is becoming a thought leader in the industry.

Oracle's supplier diversity has long been compliance-driven, with the additional purpose of finding opportunities for diverse suppliers. With the power of CVM Solutions behind him, Campos is now moving the program in an exciting new direction.

“Because our reporting is so accurate and detailed—we can drill down to the buyer or commodity level—we are in the process of setting diverse supplier spend goals throughout the organization,” Campos said. “With the support of senior executives, we're moving the needle and transforming from an external, federally mandated compliance program to having supplier diversity embedded in every part of Oracle's procurement process.”

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