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Where do I find Help within ASCEND?

By clicking on the  icon in the upper right hand corner or at the bottom of every page, you will be taken to the user guide and FAQ site. You will be able to download the user guide along with viewing frequently asked questions.

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Is there a way to turn off notifications?

 By clicking on the  icon, you will be able to disable specific notifications under the "Manage My Notifications" link. 

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I am locked out of my account. What should I do?

Each user has 5 attempts to enter correct login information. After the 5th attempt, you will be locked out for 5 minutes. After that time, you will be able to log in.


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I forgot to save my new entries. Is my data automatically saved?

No, the data does not automatically save. Only data that you have previously entered and saved will remain. You will have to re-enter the new data and click Save in order for previously data to be removed.


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What are the supported internet browsers?

Internet Explorer: version 10 or newer*

Chrome: version 21 or newer

Firefox: version 40 or newer

Opera: version 15 or newer

OS X Safari: 7.0 or newer 

How do I reset/change my Password?

You are able to change your password under your name in the upper right-hand corner. When you click on your name and the drop down list appears, select SET PASSWORD. You will be prompted to enter your old password, new password, and the new password again to confirm. Once you click SET PASSWORD, your new password will become active. You will then be returned to the login screen to log in again with your new password.

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What do I do if I forget my Username and/or Password?

If you forget your username, please call Tech Support phone at: 708-236-2000, Option 9.

If you forget your password, click on the “Forgot?” link on the Sign In page.  You will be prompted to enter your Username in the space provided which is usually your email address and click <Submit>.  CVM will send you password reset instructions in an email. Please check your SPAM & JUNK folder as reset links tend to be placed in there at times.

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Can I open ASCEND on my smart phone?

ASCEND powered by CVM Solutions is designed to work on desktop, laptop or tablet devices. For the best user experience, we do not recommend using mobile phones.

What are the password requirements?

A password requires the following criteria:

  • Minimum 8 characters.
  • At least one digit ('0'-'9').
  • At least one lowercase letter ('a'-'z').
  • At least one uppercase letter ('A'-'Z').
  • At least one special character ('!', '$', etc).
As you type your new password, a green check mark will appear next to the criteria indicating it has been met.


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How do I delete a user?

You can only delete a user by disabling that user. To do so, click on Users in the upper right-hand corner when you log in. Select Users and a list will appear. Then, click on the user that you wish to disable. Once you click on the user, their Username, First/Last Names, and Email Address will appear. By toggling the Enable/Disable button, this user will be disabled from using the system but their information will remain.

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Are any supplier registration reports available?

As a client administrator, you have access to 11 supplier-specific reports with filtering capabilities. These reports and descriptions are located under the REPORTS tab.

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Can I export report results to Excel?

Yes, you can. When you click on the  icon, you can export results to Excel.  Once the information is exported into Excel, you can save the Excel file and email it to other people in your organization.

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If you are a customer, how do you rate a supplier?

You can rate suppliers that your organization currently uses or used in the past. This rating is across all organizations utilizing Supplier Locator and is the average across those organizations.  To rate a supplier, click <RATE> on the stars under the supplier's name.  Then, click on the numbers of stars you wish to award this supplier.  Higher ratings are indicated by more stars.  Once you rate the supplier, you will see a series of stars appear under the supplier’s name in the search results.

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How do I tag a supplier as one of my preferred suppliers?

Any suppliers that your organization uses, has used, or will use can be tagged as a “Preferred” supplier.  To create a custom tag (e.g., Preferred, Very Reliable, etc.), click on the  icon for that supplier.  This feature is kept within your organization. No other users outside of your organization can see which suppliers you have tagged.   

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What does it mean if a supplier is "active" in my system?

If the Supplier Status is shown as "Active Supplier," then the supplier is actively doing business.

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How do I invite a supplier to register?

As the Client Administrator, you have two different ways to invite a supplier to register.  First, you can invite a new supplier by clicking on the <INVITE NEW> icon.  When you click on the “Invite New” icon, you are inviting a supplier to register, who is not included in the CVM Master Database.  You need to enter all of the information.  When you click on <INVITE> (and not <INVITE NEW>), you are inviting a supplier to register with your company, who already is in the CVM Master Database.  Hence, some of the fields you see will be pre-populated, especially if CVM has the information in its CVM Master Database.  When you click <NEXT>, you will see a system generated invitation from CVM Solutions to register as a supplier.  Or, if you prefer, you may delete the system generated email and compose one yourself in the space provided for 120 characters.  After, you just hit Send to send it to the supplier or cancel.  Whether you use <INVITE NEW> or <INVITE>, your invitee will receive an email and you will receive confirmation that “Your invite has been sent.”

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