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Diversify Your Suppliers, Grow Your Company

Cultivated over the past 14 years is our commitment to helping small and diverse businesses reach new heights while simultaneously helping corporations realize their full potential. With our Supplier Discover Solutions, your procurement program will not only diversify your suppliers, but also improve your bottom line. See how below.


Supplier Locator


Search for New Suppliers

Supplier Locator is your direct access to CVM’s Master Database of millions of small and diverse suppliers. Easily search and filter by diversity category, certification source, commodity and area of expertise, geographical location and more. Easily share information about suppliers with other internal users using export functionality.


Improve Supplier Communication

Supplier Locator's quality supplier data provides users with the most up-to-date company and supplier contact information on-demand. Simply drill down into the company information to find the appropriate contact and details.


Insight Into Privately Owned Suppliers

Supplier Locator provides enhanced firmographic profile information such as product codes, supplier revenue information and ownership type.


Source With Confidence

A proven history of success, CVM’s Usage Trust® score offers visibility into suppliers preferred by the CVM user community.

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In today's corporate environment, organizations require robust supplier diversity management solutions in order to maintain and grow their initiatives. ASCEND powered by CVM Solutions is an all-inclusive, one-stop shop for any company's supplier diversity program.

ASCEND powered by CVM Solutions


A Single Point of Registration, Configured for Your Needs

Your portal serves as a single access point for current vendors to update their information as well as a means for new suppliers to register to participate in your program.


Improve Supplier Communication

Eliminate administrative workload with automated notifications such as certification expirations, certificate of insurance, and code of conduct and small business affidavit collections.


Prequalify and Expand Your Diverse Supply Base

Using an RFI-styled questionnaire that you design, your suppliers can complete a prequalification sourcing survey within the registration tool. The surveys can be scored and then routed to an appropriate buyer.


Commodity Based Workflow and Routing

The registration profile can be configured to track the type of commodity a supplier specializes in, and then automatically route to your internal buyers for review and approval.

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